Hey there!
Upzelo has set out to create a suite of smarter tools for eCommerce and subscription business teams.

The tools in the market today are simply not built for tight-knit, fast-moving teams spread over multiple locations. Everyone should have access to tools and data to help them compete and grow.

Since forming in early 2021 we have conducted ~40 hours of research (and counting!), to bring us closer to the needs of eCommerce and subscription teams in the US & UK. We have identified pain points, inefficiencies and missed opportunities across a range of areas from running promotions to handling disputes.

Our vision is that upzelo will become your helpful new team member, that effortlessly fits into your organisation and actively responds to your needs.


Phil Carr. CEO.

Former Founder and CEO at My PT Hub.

Martyn Reding. CDO.

Former head of product design at Zoopla & Virgin Atlantic.

We are hiring.